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DISH Network – Pay-As-You-Go TV

Take Your DISH Network on the Road

Have Questions About DISH Network in Your RV? DISH Network, Pay-as-you-go TV is the answer to your RV entertainment needs. Call us today to set up DISH Network service for your RV or home and get the best in entertainment with DISH Network.

Pay-As-You-Go TV

What is Pay-as-you-go TV?
Pay-as-you-go TV is a pay-in-advance program that lets you only pay for the months that you need satellite programming in your RV. There is no contract required, and you can turn the service on or off as you like on a monthly basis.

When is the first payment due?
Payment for the first month’s programming is due at the time of activation.

I’m only going to be on vacation for two weeks. Can I pay for a partial month of service?
No. All payments are for a month of service at a time.

I’ve been using my Pay-as-you-go service, but don’t need it next month. How do I turn it off?
Do not pay the next month’s bill. The service will automatically turn off when the current month’s billing cycle ends. To turn on the service at a later date, call (888) 903-8202.

DISH Network SlingLoaded DVR with VIP 922 Sling AdapterI already subscribe to DISH Network at my home. Is Pay-as-you-go an option for me?
Yes. If you already have DISH Network residential service, all you need to do is make sure you have the necessary equipment in your RV. You can purchase a mobile HD receiver and satellite antenna for your RV, call (888) 903-8202 for recommendations. Already purchased a mobile HD receiver? Call DISH Network to add it to your existing account when you are ready to travel in your RV. You will simply pay a monthly additional outlet fee of $7 on your existing account. When your travels are over, simply call DISH Network and deactivate your RV receiver and the monthly fee of $7 disappears. You can turn it on again when your travels resume.

DISH Network Programming Packages

Will I receive the same programming I view at home in my RV?
Yes. Exceptions may include regional sports networks that are only available in certain areas of the country, local networks which by law can only be broadcast based on your home’s address and designated market area, and international programming.

FREE 3-Month Blockbuster Trial with New DISH Network AccountsWhy can’t I view my local channels from home in my RV?
Due to FCC regulations, the broadcast signal for local channels may not be available in all locations. Your home’s local channels are based on the designated market area you live in. Your home’s local channels are delivered through a satellite spot beam that targets your specific designated market area. If you travel outside of the designated market area, you will not be able to view your home’s local channels. Your options for viewing broadcast networks include subscribing to DISH Distant Networks (LA and NY broadcast channels) and using an off-air antenna with your DISH mobile HD receiver, which may provide broadcast channels where you are camping.

Example: If your home is in Denver, CO, and you are in an RV in Yosemite National Park, CA, your RV’s mobile HD receiver won’t get the Denver local channels, because the satellite spot beam transmits signal only to the area around Denver, CO. Once you travel back to the Denver, CO, designated market area, you will be able to view the Denver local channels. If you subscribe to DISH Distant Networks for your RV or commercial truck and you return home to Denver and you want to use your mobile HD receiver at home, you will need to call DISH Network to unsubscribe to DISH Distant Networks. Then you will be able to view your Denver local channels.

DISH Network Annual Savings - $192 Over DIRECTVHow can I watch the network channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) in my RV?
If you own a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or Commerical Vehicle, you may be eligible to receive DISH Network’s Distant Networks service, which are the local networks from New York and Los Angeles and are viewable through your mobile HD satellite receiver for an additional $5 monthly fee.

How do I change or upgrade my programming if I’m on the road?
You can make changes anytime by managing your account online. Or you can call (888) 903-8202 to speak to a DISH Network representative.

I’ve heard about HD Free for Life. Can I get this offer with the RV Pay-as-you-go package?
Yes. The HD Free for Life promotion for RV customers requires a one-time HD programming upgrade fee of $99. After paying this one-time fee, you will receive HD programming at no additional monthly cost for the life of your account.

Can I watch HD programming while my RV is in motion?
Yes, only DISH Network’s satellite technology supports in-motion HD viewing if the RV is equipped with a compatible, auto-tracking mobile satellite antenna.

DISH Network Sling Adapter - TV EverywhereCan I travel anywhere in the country and view my satellite channels?
This depends on a couple of factors. First, no matter where you travel, you must have sufficient line of sight to DISH Network’s satellites. Second, check your mobile satellite antenna’s specifications; most contain a map of the continental United States showing which regions may have viewing limitations. Most mobile satellite antennas do not support viewing outside of the contiguous United States.

Can I order Pay-Per-View (PPV) movies and events from my RV?
Yes, you can order PPV movies and events by by calling (888) 903-8202.

DISH Network Equipment for RVs

What equipment do I need to view satellite TV in my RV?
You need a mobile satellite antenna and a mobile HD receiver.

Which mobile satellite antennas are compatible with DISH Network?
Every major manufacturer of mobile satellite antennas offers products that support DISH Network programming. Some manufacturers include Winegard, King Controls, KVH, and MotoSat. To learn more about our RV equipment or to order DISH Network service call (888) 903-8202.

Does DISH Network sell mobile satellite antennas?
No. To shop for DISH-compatible mobile satellite antennas, call us at (888) 903-8202 for recommendations.

Does DISH Network sell a mobile HD receiver for RVs?
DISH Network mobile HD receivers can be purchased by where DISH Network equipment is sold.

I already have DISH Network service at home. Can I use a leased receiver in my RV when I travel?
Yes. You can use a leased receiver in your RV. However, to remain compliant with your residential or commercial service agreement, you must complete and submit an Account Update form. Call us at (888) 903-8202 to acquire that form.

Note: DVR receiver models are not recommended as they contain an internal hard disk drive that can be damaged by normal vibrations caused by a moving vehicle. You can purchase a recommended mobile HD receiver by calling us at (888) 903-8202.

Can I use more than one receiver in my RV?
Yes. However, some mobile antennas support more than one receiver, but have limited viewing capabilities since they only look at one satellite at a time. Please confirm your mobile antenna’s capabilities by checking the antenna’s user manual or contacting the manufacturer.

Can I use a dual-tuner receiver in my RV?
Yes, although this depends on your mobile satellite antenna. Please confirm your mobile antenna’s capabilities by checking the antenna’s user manual or contacting the manufacturer.

How do I get DVR functionality in my RV?
If you have a ViP 211 or 211k mobile HD receiver, you can attach your own external hard drive to it through the receiver’s USB port connection. A one-time $40 charge applies. The external hard drive can be stored safely while your RV is moving and used when you arrive at your destination. The external hard drive must be no smaller than 50 GB and no larger than 1 TB; it must also have its own power supply. An external hard drive can be purchased anywhere.

Is installation included?
Some mobile satellite antennas are portable and require no installation whereas a professional installation is recommended for permanently mounted mobile satellite antennas. Ask your mobile satellite antenna dealer for information about installation services.

Can I self-install a mobile satellite antenna?
Some mobile satellite antennas are portable and easy to carry and setup on your own. Other mobile antennas require a professional installation. Call us at (888) 903-8202 for professional DISH Network installation services.

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